Sales Consultant in Dublin, Ireland

Sales Consultant and Sales Training based in Dublin

I work as a sales consultant and provide sales training courses to help clients grow their revenue and improve the business results. The buyers journey is changing and becoming more challenging for salespeople to engage with. Many companies need to embrace social selling, digital selling, sales transformation, social prospecting on social media and lead generation activity which speeds up customer acquisition while reducing the cost per lead or sales cycle. Also in the digitally influenced selling environment your sales process and selling tools along with your product-to-market fit need constant attention to drive business growth.

The Bitter Business can provide – Sales Training Courses, Sales Strategy Reviews, Develop Sales Playbooks, Sales-As-A-Service options, Sales Mentoring, design and implement of your sales processes, implementing sales KPI’s. We can assist you with the sales structures and sales training to increase revenue, sales productivity and profitability for your company. We understand that what matters most is business results.


As a successful sales consultant and sales training provider, I offer a highly personalised service to my customers, establishing trust and take a highly practical approach to ensure selling success for all involved.

The Bitter Business a 100% Results Driven Sales training 

  • Personalized sales training courses
  • Speed up time to market and customer acquisition
  • Improve your sales process and results
  • Sales consultant services to boost sales
  • Optimise marketing, social selling and social media strategy
  • Implement lead generation and customer acquisition plans
  • Drive Sales and lead generation
  • Develop Sales Playbooks
  • Hands on selling and business development resource
  • Outsourced sales services and sales consultancy

Always happy to meet for a chat and a coffee, just drop me a line below.