The Bitter Business is a resource for salespeople to access free sales training. On this site you can read sales training articles, watch sales training videos, download templates on selling, sales tips and lots of insights into both hard and soft sales skills. 


Selling is crucial to business success but is often a task that many new salespeople are unprepared for. Fortunately, sales and the various selling skills can be learned plus being able to sell can be done without being aggressive or having a degree in business.

Learning sales skills works the same way as learning any new skill. Every learner must use memory, recognition, familiarity attention, consolidation, engagement, and feedback to learn new skills. Also, the use of video has been shown to increase concentration and stimulate learning.

In sales training, self-examination is more effective than straight learning because when salespeople successfully retrieve a piece of information, they then restore it in a different way than they did before it was used. The result is that not only has their storage levels increased, but their memory has made new and different connections.

This means that learning new sales skills is an active process that involves some level of input to the brain, and the ability to extract meaningful data from the input by becoming aware of it so it reaches the short-term working memory.

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