Social Selling Course

Online  Social Selling course  that clovers the 6C’s to social or digital selling. Learn how to blend traditional sales tactics to engage more buyers such the digital channels. This online training course is delivered by  The Digital Sales Institute. Delivered online, the social selling training course covers how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks for lead generation, customer retention plus buyer engagement. Learn how to use content and social conversations to attract buyers on a digital journey. All the material on the social selling course has been researched and written to business school standard.

Social Selling is about building a bridge between your social media activity (sharing content, looking for opportunity, insights, ideas and perspectives) and the phone call (sales outreach) to maximize buyer interactions and minimize disruption. Social selling concentrates on sharing focused content and providing one-to-one communication between the salesperson and the buyer.
The goal is for you to form a deeper, more beneficial relationship with each prospect, providing suggestions and answering questions.

What is social selling.

The social media influenced buyer’s journey has changed the sales process for everyone. Control has shifted away from the salesperson, as sales are no longer the sole provider of information. The buyer can use the Internet to self-educate, self-discover, find reviews or opinions, they can interact with peers online, and they want to control the engagement.

Initiate Your Digital Reboot Now


B2B buyers are becoming more and more digitally influenced, so to succeed in the digital era we must all act now to put in place a digital reboot — or risk being left behind. Every salesperson should take the time to assess their current skill-set, ability, and willingness to acquire new skills and to adopt to new sales channels. To be successful in sales we will need to up-skill and acquire new digital selling skills. We must reconfigure our sales methods to match the expected buyer engagement processes and ensure we maximize sales influence using the social networks. These new additive sales skills such as social selling you will learn will be flexible enough to change and scale as B2B buyer dynamics continuously evolve in the digital era.

We hope this video  on “Free Sales Training Social Selling ” has given you a small flavor on how social selling can benefit your sales efforts.

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Social selling is NOT about creative avoidance or empty time syndrome

Social selling is about building a bridge between social media activity (opportunity insights, ideas and perspectives) and the phone call (sales outreach) to maximise buyer or customer interactions and minimise wasted time.

Our Social Selling Course teaches people that it is about one to one relationships between a sales person and their buyers, current customers or prospects who are potential customers. The purpose of social selling is to leverage the tools, the technologies to enhance the relationship that the sales people are already building offline with those prospects. This is at the level of the individual both on the buyer side and on the seller side, and that relationship that they are building up together.

Buyers (B2B and B2C) are leaving digital clues for the taking and at a minimum, offering someone an opportunity to bond with them. If not you, then who!

The traditional sales funnel, that we are all painfully familiar with, has been turned on its head. Did you know that was first drawn in 1924? How could it possibly be relevant today?

Look at how much change has gone on in the world in the past 5 years. In the past decade, change has accelerated at dizzying proportions. We are in a constant state of disruption. Just when we think we’re getting to grips with the new, it’s already old.

The most significant change in our world is that digital connectivity has put power in the hands of the buyers. Instead of being passively influenced by marketing and sales, they actively search, research and compare.

Social media is no longer the exclusive domain of marketers. It’s not about pushing messaging. It’s about conversations. It’s about connecting and engaging. It needs to be integrated into the very DNA of your business.

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