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This free sales training video is a sample from our online sales training programs. The first sales training video covers what is the definition of selling and what are the sales skills required. The second free sales training video covers “the buyer why’s”. The buyer why’s is the mental questioning process buyers or customers go through when considering a buying journey. Always remember that selling requires customers to undertake a change mangement project.

Free Sales Training Video and Articles from The Digital Sales Institute.  Updated April 2022.

Selling defined

In general terms, “selling” can be defined as the “exchange of value,” between a seller, and a buyer. This is where a buyer sees value in paying someone an agreed price, for a product, or service. Think of your own buying experiences, where you were convinced of the value of something, enough to part with your money.

Let’s explore the basic rules of selling. To begin,

  1. Customers do not buy products; they buy benefits.
  2. Selling involves getting buyers to change, and act on that change.
  3. To make commitments and be committed to change.
  4. In order to sell better, we must understand “Buyer Motivations”.
  5. Selling is about getting customers to take action.

“Teach your customers something new and compelling, and then provide reasons for them to act”

So, selling is a business function that involves determining a customer’s needs and wants. Plus, responding through planned, personalized communication that influences their purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities. Because selling is planned and personalized, it goes beyond mere order-taking or customer service. Selling has many different guises. it can be transactional or simple. It could be relationship selling, where it is more complex.  Selling can be business to consumer, or business to business etc

When we talk about “what is selling definition”, it is important to understand the psychology of selling. We don’t sell products or solutions, we sell stories, ideas, commitments, results, satisfaction, relief, trust, confidence, assurance etc The truth is that knowing how to sell doesn’t improve our ability to sell. Rather, successful selling is largely driven by deep emotions. our beliefs, our values, our awareness of our own capabilities, and our feelings of self-worth.


What are selling skills?

Simply put, selling is successfully influencing the buying decision of the client in your favor.

 “Selling success is contingent upon the sales skills of the salesperson, not the attitude of the customer.”

Our role as the salesperson is to be effective in all our sales efforts, so our activity and communication facilitates the decision making for the customer.  Selling skills. There are specific selling techniques that have been proven over time to be effective. As you become more skilled and advanced in selling, you will learn how to.

A. Identify pain points, wants, and buying motives.

B. Open and close sales with a clear process.

C. Uncover needs via discovery questions.

D. Handle customer objections and remove roadblocks.

E. Deliver value and solutions that trigger buying.

F. Demonstrate product fit and gain commitments.

G. Follow up on closed sales for future business

Free Sales Training Video – The Buyer Why’s

Understanding “The Buyer Why’s” is critical to progressing a sale. Every buying decision is composed of certain small, strategic, incremental commitments that guide us on a progression of buyer consents that advance the sale. The Buyer Whys takes the guesswork out of selling by showing you exactly what you need to do to enable that buying decision to purchase a product or service.

The Selling Equation – ASAK
The basic equation of selling can be stated as
Activity x Skill x Attitude x Knowledge = Results


Free Sales Training Video – The Psychology of Selling.

All buying decisions (incl.B2B) are emotional. Buyers want salespeople to evoke feelings of trust, reliability, credibility and a sense of partnership. If we say we’re going to do something for a logical reason, that means we have more emotion invested in that reason than any other. Whenever a buyer says they would like to think about it, they are saying that you have not aroused their desire to own or enjoy the benefits of your product.

The next free sales training lesson is on Buyer Roadblocks.

Salespeople too often trying to solve the wrong problem, because customers actually do “get it,” they just don’t buy it. They don’t buy it due to roadblocks and indecision. In any sale, we aren’t simply competing against competitive offerings. We are Competing for “mind share” (5 Why’s).  Competing for resources. Competing against alternatives including The Status Quo.  Competing against internal Buyer Roadblocks (The silent stages).


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We hope you enjoyed these free sales training video lessons.


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