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Sales training on social selling is an online course to educate any salesperson or business person on how to use the social networks and social media in their sales process. Social selling training also shows you how to boost your social reach and engage more people to create greater awareness of a brand or product.

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This is a free sample video lesson on “What is Social Selling” from The Digital Sales Institute – Online Social Selling Training Programs.

It is important to remember that Social Selling is about building a link between your social media activity (sharing content, looking for engagement opportunities, insights, ideas and perspectives) and the phone call (your sales outreach) to maximize buyer interactions and minimize disruption. Social selling concentrates on sharing focused content, insights, articles and providing one-to-one communication between you and the contact. The goal is for you to form a deeper, more beneficial relationship with each of your connections, providing suggestions and answering questions.

We now know that the social media influenced buyer’s journey has changed the sales process for everyone. Control in conversations has shifted away from the salesperson, as sales are no longer the sole provider of information. The buyer can use the Internet to self-educate, self-discover, find reviews or opinions, they can interact with peers online, and they want to control the engagement.

Initiate Your Social Selling Now

Across the globe, savvy B2B buyers are becoming more and more digitally influenced. In order to stay relevant and to succeed in selling in the digital era we must all act now to put in place a social selling plan as part of any sales strategy, or risk being left behind. Every salesperson needs to take the time to assess their current sales skill-set, ability, willingness to acquire new skills and how to adopt to these new sales channels. To be successful in sales we will need to up-skill and acquire new digital selling skills. We must reconfigure our sales methods to match the expected buyer engagement processes and ensure we maximize sales influence using the social networks. These new additive sales skills such as social selling you will learn will be flexible enough to change and scale as B2B buyer dynamics continuously evolve in the digital era.

We hope this free video on “Sales Training on Social Selling ” has given you a small flavour on how social selling can benefit all our sales efforts.

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Social selling is NOT about creative avoidance or empty time syndrome

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