Business Consultant and Mentor

The Bitter Business provides an affordable and results driven business consultant and business mentor service in Ireland. We can bring over 30 years senior level sales, marketing and management expertise and knowledge to help a company improve performance metrics or key performance indicators through the thorough analysis of existing business problems. Working as a partner, we can develop plans for sales and business improvement alongside the management team.

As an experienced business consultant and business mentor, companies engage us to get an external view on the business, validate strategic options, to receive objective advice and impartial recommendations. The Bitter Business can act as a temporary resource to help clients with aspects of the business where hiring a permanent employee is not needed.


Some of the areas we assist client as a business consultant:

Review current sales and marketing processes.

Evaluate Go To Market strategies including target selection.

Analyse the business strategy against competitors and within the market.

To recommend strategies and tactics to increase business opportunities.

Work on creating action plans and identify gaps in the business model.

Templates to identify and implement business actions.

Market research and information gathering.

Identify business requirements, resources, partners, channels, and routes to market.

Deliver sales and marketing analyses and report findings.

Drive process improvements and efficiencies in sales, business development or marketing.

Create sales, marketing and business KPI’s.

Social selling training and implementation.

Implement plans while evaluating the business prospects, goals and objectives for growth.


Business Mentor.

Business mentoring is a resource to help entrepreneurs succeed

The business mentor service on offer brings our proven entrepreneurial business experience which can be relied on as trusted sounding board, independent thinker and a decision checker who is willing to build a relationship, mostly free of charge (coffee is always appreciated). The goal is that acting as a business mentor to a company or individual will help to fill a gap in knowledge or experience without incurring major expense.

We view business mentoring as a business helper, a resource whose motivation is to take an active interest in helping the entrepreneur, business owner or start up succeed.

The Bitter Business business consultant and business mentor service is allot more than some business consultant looking for a day rate. We promise not to dispense generic management jargon with little relevance to the business challenges. What we will do as a business mentor is listen and nurture,because as someone personally with the battle scars (of success and failure) in business  I know the hard work it takes in ensuring business success.

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